Alexander Zlamal is an Austrian-born, award-winning composer, who specializes in film scoring for feature films and short films, especially animated short films.
On the outset of his career he wrote music for two feature films (“Clouds over paradise” and “Brighter than the moon”), followed by the Oscar-nominated short film “Copy Shop”, which also won an award for best music in Clermont-Ferrand.
In 2005 he scored a documentary about Vienna’s underground infrastructure and in 2009 he wrote the score for Gil Alkabetz’ animated short film “The Da Vinci Timecode”, which again won an award for best music at the ITFS Stuttgart.
During the following years he wrote scores for many short films, some of them children’s films, but also historical shorts such as “Heldenkanzler”, which is dealing with Austria’s fascist past.
Recent work includes an augmented reality installation at Austria’s national library as well as, most recently, the story of a square guy meeting a curved lady (Straight vs. Curved).
In his spare-time Alexander is writing pop- and rock-music.